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Resources to Support Bilingual Education

Below is a collection of resources to support Spanish language education. Each resource below is one that we've used and continue to enjoy both in the classroom and in our homes. If you have any other resource suggestions that you think other bilingual families could use, please send them our way! We are always looking to grow our resource list for our community.

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Angelitos Education on YouTube & Spotify

That's right--we've go our own YouTube Channel and Spotify Playlist! On YouTube we have a combination of original Angelitos videos and some of our favorites from other YouTubers. On Spotify, you'll find a collection of our favorite songs for learning and dancing!

123 AndresA.jpg

This Latin Grammy winner has Spanish songs for learning, songs for movement, and even songs for sleep! (His album La Luna is a favorite at our house for naptime.)

Luli Pampin.jpg

This channel will likely become a favorite of your kiddos; it certainly is for ours! She has lots of videos with songs about everything from the 5 senses to a party playlist. One of our classroom favorites is "Congelados", a Spanish version of Freeze Dance!

Alina Celeste.jpg

As a Parents Choice Gold Award Winner, she has some of the most fun Spanish and bilingual music videos and stories for kids. Be sure to check our her "Canciones Infantiles" playlist on her YouTube channel!

Spanish Mama Logo.png

Among many other resources for bilingual education (at school or at home), Spanish Mama has a curated collection of authentic Spanish books for kids and is an excellent resource to build your Spanish literacy library.

Hola Amigo Logo.jpg

This is an awesome Spanish subscription box for kids. Each box has two books and several little-to-no prep activities. Use our code ANGELITOS for $5 off your monthly subscription!

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If you've got school-aged children and are wanting to incorporate Spanish education either in your homeschool curriculum or on your own outside of their traditional school hours, Spanish Profe has some great classroom-style resources.  Many of our PreK students have done well with some of the kindergarten-level writing activities.

Stay up to date on upcoming events, additions to our bilingual resources page, and new free printables.

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